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But at its best, it's the story Harley Quinn always deserved and a triumphant capstone on a breakout character's long career as a scene-stealer. It's the kind of Harley somebody might love upon putting away childish things at 12, then find abhorrent a few years later once they realize that R-rated content doesn't maturity ensure. What results is strange but largely satisfying. For the most part, what makes Ecco work as a version of Harley Quinn is what differentiates her from the character as we know her. Batman and Tarzan teaming up to take down a s Catwoman cult? Harley was no exception to this change-making.

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Some love her as the tragic girlfriend, some enjoy her slapstick charm, and some gravitate to her as an independent anti-heroine.

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Every screen version of Harley Quinn ranked worst to best

Birds of Prey has a pretty boring Harley Quinn. At least, the scenes are all hers, and she makes the manic most of them. But this Batman blasts his own dubstep tracks about being super rich and uber-brooding, this Superman boasts about the Phantom Zone having "the sickest baddies," and, well, they're all Lego minifigures. But where that openness to ideas leads to truly inventive storytelling, so too does it create some real stinkers. If these portrayals are comparable to anything, it's the Batman show. Enter Justice League: Gods and Monsters , in which DC's premier good guys are re-imagined as brutal, world-conquering colossi with little interest in accountability.

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