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As a response to Wael, your keen observation did bring about an interesting point. I know that sounds harsh, but that is a fact. What would he have done if you didn't catch him? He said he knew what he had done was horribly wrong and that I would need time to myself so he gave me permission to stay with my mother for as long as I wanted. My suggestion go ahead and offer him forgiveness for his actions in the name of Allah. He has no respect for you, or your sister. I will pray for you and I am seriously happy for you pray for you things will work out sister.

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caught my sister in the shower

He said he had the intention to act as such because he hoped I would catch him and hence leave him.

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This is made me highly sensitive to such thoughts and actions, even before they have occured. But the way I see it is his actions where not only despicable but criminal. I hope with Allah's help you make the right decision. However this does the opposite where we live in a world where women are almost naked in shopping centres alone how can we not look? He has erred but so would every other man that walks this earth. Also this will not leave a good feeling for your sister or mother.

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