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What started off as simply his face filling out a little, or perhaps a bit of softness around his middle, soon graduated to not being able to get pants on or popping a button off of a shirt. Many retainers though he may have, they had plenty of other duties to attend to considering he never left the fortress, and so he was still often left on his own. If his arms got tired of the mechanical action of raising a spoon or fork or glass to his lips, she cheerfully took over; whispering sweet nothings and light teasing in his ears as she hand-fed him. The bet of So fattenup23 is doing a pretty good job with his own Christmas challenge. Your feet kick fruitlessly. Hey would anyone want like me to do sponsered stuff?

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Piper. Age: 28.
weight gain girl tumblr

You try once more, only to come to the mortifying realization.

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Amia. Age: 27.
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The way I eat like a spoiled pig? Corrin closed the distance between them, almost crowding Felicia in by the door with is chubby figure. People also underestimated her brains. At first, it started out simply enough. No one is stopping you from just looking at their blog instead, and keeping to yourself how you feel. But then he wanted me in on it.

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