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Views Read Edit View history. Zombies 2 Upside-Down Magic Oscar then gives Penny her birthday necklace, stating that he now knows she's mature enough that she is ready to make her own decisions, and finally accepts her for who she is, and they then make up on national TV. When 15 Cent drives Penny home, Oscar gets mad when he finds them kissing. The songs featured in the film are:.

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As he is hauled away from his presentation, he proclaims that his formula has no expiration date.

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Here's What The Cast Of "The Proud Family" Looks Like In Real Life

The clones get a mix-up when the real Penny comes with them back to the mainland to search for the formula; Penny's clone remains with the original family. This marks the culmination of their relationship as seen over the entire series. He chases them around the world up to China, until Suga Mama, who also drank the concoction, takes him home. Disney home entertainment animated features. However, a Genome named Wally convince Oscar not to. Trudy forces Oscar, Sugar Mama, and Penny to go in hopes they will re-bond.

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