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Sighing in disappointment, Connie stood up and quickly finished brushing her hair before pulling on her clothes. Her areolae were small, making the stiff protrusions seem even larger by comparison. Connie was conflicted about her incoming public hairs. Disclaimer: I do not own Steven Universe, nor the characters from it. Connie just knew that they were going to have a lot more fun before the day was out. Steven moaned her name as she stroked faster, thrusting his hips up toward her involuntarily.

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Just as the tip of his penis broke the water, his orgasm hit him.

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Twenty minutes was less than she liked, especially on a hot summer day, but she was meeting Steven soon and she never liked to be late for anything—least of all a full day of fun activities with her best friend. I have to use the warp pad to get up to the laundry. After finishing her ablutions, Connie pulled the towel off of her hair and sat naked on the toilet, pulling out a brush to work over her long, thick hair the several hundred times she needed to feel confident that it was all in place. Connie licked her lips involuntarily at the sight. As the water began to swirl away, she reached up and ran her hands over her small breasts, splashing water on them to wash off some of the cum.

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