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It suddenly occurs to me that I'm left all alone and don't have to enter the Captain's quarters if I don't want to. It shows what kind of evil men serve on this ship. I understand it if you don't have time for reading what with your work and all of that. I narrow my eyes at Barbossa's tale. My free will gets the better of me and I send the dress a glare.

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I smile at the looks of disappointment on the pirates' faces as I adjust the dress and straighten my hair.

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A sudden thought occurs to me and it's my turn to smile as I shrug my shoulders at the pirates and reply, "Fine then. Even though I'd like to pretend that I'm not interested in the food, my body tells me otherwise. Your review has been posted. Glaring daggers at him, I snatch the gown out of his grasp and give him an evil look as I wait for the two pirates to leave me to dress. Movies Pirates of the Caribbean. Do you get a summer break ever just out of curiosity?

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