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They must find ways how to use the Internet to their advantage, but they are slow to jump on the new bandwagon. When I was a kid, we used to listen to records. Ten years ago, 1 million was a failure. Also two songs with debut U. We then keep them updated using a little news blog. It took us six years from when we started writing to get a deal. Do you think music will all be digital?

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Alisson. Age: 32.
banana toons

We had similar interests and started writing songs together and soon realized that it was going to work, so we invested all we had in a small studio.

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Ally. Age: 23.
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Platinum-winning Record Production Team Banana Toons

The Internet is a blessing and a curse. The Pussycat Dolls had huge success and everyone knows who they are. Do you think music will all be digital? What sort of trends do you see in the industry? But, bit by bit, they are going to be phased out.

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