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A training bra is a bra intended for girls who are just beginning to experience breast development. Training bras became popular during the s; before that time, girls simply wore undershirts until they developed breasts. A training bra does not train the breasts.

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By age 13, I was wearing a B cup bra. Now, at age 21, I'm wearing a DD or an E, depending on the brand and depending on what's available. I'm sure this doesn't sound that troublesome to most people.

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Wearing a bra under your clothing keeps you looking attractive, put-together, and just all around more appropriate. This pro-bra message has been preached to women worldwide for centuries. But you may be surprised to hear that there are some unexpected benefits to ditching your brassiere every once and a while — or for good!

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Selecting a bra is about more than finding the "prettiest" bra or finding a bra in your favorite color - selecting a bra has real health and comfort-related considerations. A bra that doesn't fit well and offers too little support can displace your breast tissue, pushing it under the arm or flattening it around the breast wall. Bras that don't provide adequate support can stretch the breast tissue over time, making your breasts sag and droop. The right bra that offers good support helps keep your breasts youthful and firm, and can make a big difference in shaping and making you look slimmer and proportional under your clothes.

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Do you grapple with droopy bra straps? Suffer back pain in the afternoon? Have four boobs instead of two?

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So, which type of bra is good for heavy breast? The best bra for heavy breasts is one that fits well and offers comfort and support. Basically, serving its intended purpose.

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Some girls can't wait for them to come and look forward to their arrival as they would their birthday, first kiss, or a soccer championship. Other girls dread them as much as eating a big plate of Brussels sprouts or changing the kitty litter. But most girls have mixed feelings and are not quite sure why they have them and what to do about them.

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ASOS has been praised this week for releasing a mega comfy triangle-shaped bra that's perfect for big boobs. Writing on Twitter, one customer shared an image of the recycled style, explaining it's "so damn comfy". Another agreed, explaining: "ASOS are the best because for the first time ever my big boobie self has just managed to get a triangle bra in my size. ASOS are the best because for the first time ever my big boobie self has just managed to get a triangle bra in my size LifeChangingMilestones.

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I'm the latest in a generations-old line of late bloomers. How late? And even then it served a more or less decorative purpose.

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