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Archived from the original PDF on 20 August The voyage turns out to be brief but eventful: when not long out of port, the ship is attacked by "three Spanish men-of-war. Wikiquote Wikisource texts. In a quarto was printed by Thomas Johnson for the bookseller Francis Kirkman. This break in their friendship paradoxically negates the premise of the duel.

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Broke again and having nothing to lose, Rochfield enlists in the venture personally. Lessingham, who is in love with Clare, tries to use the occasion to further his own suit; but Clare is withdrawn and taciturn. Since his career as a thief is not going well, Rochfield agrees. First surprised, then angered, Bonvile dismisses Lessingham's friendship; he suggests that Lessingham may want Annabel for himself, this being his true motive for the duel. Franckford is Woodroff's brother-in-law, and the link between the two plots. It is a comedy written by John Webster and William Rowley. Wikiquote Wikisource texts.

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