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The heroes of Earth had been reduced to prisoners, helpless in their cells. He began to sink his member back in, inch by agonizing inch and he could feel her writhing and twitching, moaning softly as he re-entered her. He thrust into her with no mercy, sending her towards the stratosphere and boning her to the very centre. Darkseid pulled out to the tip and drove in again even harder, opening her up and forcing home an extra inch, so that she howled even more impressively that the first time. She screamed her lungs out as he entered her with a mighty crash as her ass came down onto his lap. When she was finally done, all Diana could do was drop down to her knees, her disjointed body spent from the ringer Darkseid had put her through as his cock dislodged with a mucusy plop. You must bring me to climax.

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batman fucks wonderwoman

All of a sudden she could feel those terrible eyes on her, drinking in her every curve.

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batman fucks wonderwoman

Even with such force put into the thrust, he had only managed to sink half of that monster into her cunt. He began to pull out and Diana moaned long and low. He chuckled, staring down at the proud Amazon brought to her knees. She writhed and jerked in his grip but to her eternal shame, it was not to get away, but to push herself back, to force more of the hot bar of flesh inside her. There was a morbid curiosity in her that wanted to know just how it would feel like to have it plunged inside her. The impact threw up an explosion of dirt and shrapnel, creating a wide crater where the entwined pair continued their maddened fucking in the center.

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